If you’re beginning the journey into scratch DJ’ing and turntablism, then this is the place to start! Here are some freely downloadable documents explaining the equipment of the turntablist, and our own History of Turntablism chronicling the development of the artform.

If you have a suggestion for forthcoming articles, please get in touch. If you have any questions, try asking on our forum!

acrobat logoThe History of Turntablism
Pedestrian’s History of Turntablism article.

acrobat logoCDJ Decks Explained
An overview of a typical CDJ deck.

acrobat logoCartridges Explained
A guide to the DJ cartridge and stylus.

acrobat logoMixers Explained
An overview of a typical scratch mixer.

acrobat logoTurntables Explained
An overview of a typical DJ turntable.

acrobat logoVinyl Emulation Software Explained
A guide to digital vinyl solutions and laptop DJ-ing.

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