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The Tutoritool™ - The Interactive Turntablism Tutorial Record

Pedestrian is proud to present the Tutoritool™ 2nd Edition - sequel to the pioneering and critically acclaimed Tutoritool™ interactive turntablism record.

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Hailed as “The best schooling in scratching money can buy” (iDJ magazine, June 2005), the Tutoritool™ rewrote the rules for instructional DJ products and scratch tools alike. With the release of the Tutoritool™ Second Edition, Pedestrian has created THE must have battle wax to help to develop the skills of DJs of every kind.

With even more essential sounds, beats and new spoken word instructional tracks, the double vinyl Tutoritool™ Second Edition contains everything the DJ of today needs to become the turntablist of tomorrow. Locked loops, unskippable scratch sounds, tones and a suite of high quality beats and samples provide an indispensable sound resource for scratching, battling, juggling, producing and creating that will be at home in any DJ’s record box.

The Tutoritool’s proven approach to teaching the fundamentals of turntablism, using both printed and recorded lessons in scratch technique, gets DJs behind the decks and on the cut like no other scratch tutorial. From baby scratches to bass lines, the Tutoritool™ Second Edition, through its unique freestanding instruction booklet, marking stickers and high quality vinyl tools, builds the bread and butter skills of scratching whilst introducing the concepts of composition through turntablism.

Tutoritool™ gives the DJ a versatile scratch tool that will not only improve their skills but also grow with their abilities. To quote, “If you want to buy a tutorial then I would strongly suggest checking this one out before rushing out to buy a video or DVD”.

The Tutoritool™ 2nd Edition includes:

  • Spoken word tutorials, lessons and examples of he baby scratch, chirps, cuts and stabs, the transformer scratch, lasers, the flare and the crab.
  • A free standing booklet with lessons and information on all the techniques required to become a turntable musician.
  • Compositional lessons in turntable beat, bass line, verse, riff and chorus creation. Practice with a virtual turntable band before sharing your skills with other turntablists.
  • A specially designed sticker sheet for marking up your records.
  • Unskippable drums for skipless turntable drumming.
  • A comprehensive beat suite of Hip-Hop, Rock, Jazz and Drum ‘n’ Bass beats for both practice and turntable accompaniment with included samples.
  • Hi-Hat looper for practice and timing.
  • Unskippable jugglers beats - hone your beat juggling skills with beats that loop on every revolution of the record.
  • Looping bass tone for pitch playing your bass lines.
  • Multi-pitch instruments that change pitch over each revolution using popular sounds and instruments (guitars, keyboards, trumpets, vocals and many more).
  • Unskippable scratch sounds in an easy locatable tracks for practice and battling.

Plus all the classic scratch DJ sounds and much, much more.

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