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Testimonials and Reviews

International DJ Logo“Overall, Tutoritool is an excellent package: well thought-out, clear, concise and tremendous value at £15.99… for the wannabe turntablist it is the best package you could invest in right now and one that will keep you occupied for months.”IDJ Magazine Review Issue 61

Scratchworx Logo“My first impressions are excellent - this has clearly been thought out and put together in a totally professional way. I suggest getting yourself over to Pedestrian and getting yourself one of these packages.”

Remix Magazine Logo“Initially, I was sceptical as to how successful an audio-only tool could be. However, as a testament to the thought that has gone into The Tutoritool, the system really works. The excellent packaging provides clear and helpful information, and the records provide you with all the tools you need to practice techniques. I highly recommend The Tutoritool to beginner and even intermediate DJs”Remix Magazine Vol.7 Issue 10

Turntable Radio Logo“Having had the chance to play around with the Beta version of the Tutoritool for the best part of last year we can safely say that this does indeed do what it says on the cover, taking tutorials and teachings of fundamentals (both technical and musical) to a new level and giving the sometime stale world of video tutorials a kick up the arse by offering an alternative which is ultimately much more hands on and interactive then any video or DVD you can find today”—From /

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